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WA Branch | Photovoltaic materials demystified

13 November 2023

Time: Finger food and refreshments start at 6.00pm, presentation commences at 6.30pm 

Address: Building D, North Metropolitan TAFE 140 Royal St (cnr Fielder St), East Perth


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The presentation will focus on the materials used to manufacture solar panel, or more precisely photovoltaic cells and their materials. We will start with the famous NREL chart of photovoltaic efficiencies and highlight the number of materials used for solar cells and some aspects of the technologies.

The most common material remains silicon, which could be monocrystalline or multicrystalline. The mode of fabrication, productivity and cost, could vary dramatically as well as the performance. We will explore what make silicon a good or less good photovoltaic material. For there we will look at the different steps of a production from the ore (silica sand or quartz), purification, solidification and up to the solar cell and the assembly in solar panels. We will see how the architecture of the solar cell can influence some of the properties of the solar panel and its efficiency in real life situation.

Finally we will look, more briefly, at other materials also known as thin film cell materials, including Copper- Indium-Selenium (CIS), amorphous silicon (aSi-H), polymers, Perovskites.

About the Presenter:

Gilles Dour

Gilles is a multidisciplinary engineer with a strong research background in materials and process engineering, materials science and mechanical engineering After a PhD in the solidification of silicon for solar cells and much work for foundries and hot manufacturing processes, he has specialised in integrity engineering for oil & gas applications, with an incursion in the OHS Regulatory discipline and process safety.

Gilles has been lecturer at a School of Mines Albi, France in various disciplines, including foundry and solidification, heat transfer and exchangers. finite elements modelling, metallurgy, materials selections, photovoltaic materials (for solar cells). He has been invited to give a lecture series on the solidification of monocrystalline turbine blades in

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13 November 2023


6:00pm - 8:00pm


North Metropolitan TAFE 140 Royal St (cnr Fielder St), East Perth

WA Branch | Photovoltaic materials demystified

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