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Materials Australia National Body

Materials Australia is a national organisation with branches in each Australian State. It is governed by a National Council.

The National Body is comprised of the National Executive: (the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and one other member), a Nominated Member from each State Branch, and Chairpersons from the National Committees (Awards, Education, Events, Membership and Publications). 

The National Council appoints the National Executive (the President, who acts as Chair, President-elect, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer). This Executive is responsible for directing, developing, monitoring and controlling all the activities of the Institute, and in so doing, acting for Council between Council meetings. 

National Office Bearers and Council

National Executive Committee

Nikki Stanford, CMatP Email
Vice President: Gwénaëlle Proust, CMatP  
Immediate Past President: Roger Lumley, CMatP  
Treasurer:Leon Prentice, CMatP
Secretary:Michael Brameld
Director/EC Member: Stuart Folkard, CMatP  
EC Member: David Haynes  
Executive Officer:Tanya SmithEmail

National Council

Awards Chair:Stuart Folkard, CMatP
Education Chair:Alan Todhunter, CMatP
Events Chair:Jian-Feng Nie
Membership Chair:  Alan Hellier, CMatP
Publications Chair: Ma Qian
Standards Australia  Representative:David Haynes
VIC/TAS Branch Representative: Ivan Cole, CMatP
NSW Branch Representative: Blake Regan, CMatP
QLD Branch Representative: Richard Clegg, CMatP  
SA Branch Representative: Colin Hall, CMatP
WA Branch Representative: Ehsan Karaji, CMatP
ACT Branch Representative Alexey Glushenkov, CMatP

State Branches

The Branches are at the forefront of managing the relationships we have with our members. The role of the branches and the key tasks they administer are:

  • Branch meetings
  • Local member activities
  • Membership retention
  • Newsletters and information for members

For State Branch events, visit the events page.

New South Wales Councillors

President: Alan Todhunter, CMatP 
Vice-President | Secretary: Huijun Li, CMatP
Treasurer: Hong Lu, CMatP
NSW CMatP Coordinator: Alan Hellier, CMatP
Councillors: Klaus-Dieter Liss, CMatP
Ranming Niu, CMatP
Blake Regan, CMatP
Ehsan Farabi, CMatP
Student Councillor David Pham
NSW Branch Email Address

South Australia Councillors

Branch President: Colin Hall, CMatP
Branch Committee: Deborah Ward, CMatP
Peter Kentish, CMatP
SA Branch Email Address:

Queensland Councillors

Branch President:Richard Clegg, CMatP
Vice-Chair & Engineers Australia Liaison: Michael Chan, CMatP
Treasurer: Richard Clegg, CMatP
Student Representative:Chi-Ho Ng

QLD Branch Email Address:

Victoria & Tasmania Councillors

Branch President: Ivan Cole, CMatP
Vice-President: Rou Jun Toh
Treasurer: Rob O'Donnell
Secretary: Edith Hamilton, CMatP (Contact:
General Councillors: John Rea, CMatP
Ping Ping Chung

Technical Program: Yvonne Durandet, CMatP
Communications Coordinators: Ma Qian
Pranay Wadyalkar, CMatP
Regional Liaison: Gary Bunn
Geelong Representative: Vacant
Early-Career Researchers &
Student Representative:
Chathumini Samarawiskrama
Angus McNee (Monash Materials Engineering Society)

VIC & TAS Branch Email Address:

Western Australia Councillors

Branch President: Ehsan Karaji, CMatP
Vice-President: Steve Algie
Secretary: Evelyn Ng, CMatP
Treasurer: Rick Hughes
General Committee: Sridharan Chandran, CMatP
Mobin Salasi
Stuart Folkard, CMatP
Paul Howard, CMatP
Louse Petrick, CMatP
Irene Pettigrew, CMatP
Colin Lorrimar
Robert Jensen
WA Branch Email Address:

Australian Capital Territory Councillors

ACT Branch Chair: Alexey Glushenkov, CMatP
Awards Committee Representative:Olga Zinovieva, CMatP
Committee Members: Yun Liu, CMatP
Syed Islam, CMatP
ACT Branch Email Address:

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