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Materials Australia Membership

Membership comprises both individuals and companies in Australia and overseas who are involved in materials science and engineering. Members include manufacturing technical staff, professional engineers, academics, research scientists, technical sales staff and students.

Materials Australia covers technical topics related to any aspect of materials from traditional heavy metals to new and emerging materials technologies. Materials include polymers, nano- and micro-technologies, bio-technology, alloys, ceramics, metals and composites to name a few, and their engineering applications.

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How to become a Materials Australia Member

There are multiple levels of membership available. We offer membership for Individual Membership or Corporate Membership.

Individual Membership

Individual Members can join Materials Australia as a Student MemberGraduate MemberStandard Member, International Member, or a Certified Materials Professional (CMatP - use of post nominal CMatP) .

Certified Materials Professional (CMatP) applications will be assessed by a Certification Panel within 14 days of submission. Upon certification applicant can use their status of CMatP post nominal and take all the advantages, during that period they can take advantage of all the benefits offered by the CMatP Program.

Corporate Membership

Our Corporate Members play an important part in the future of Materials Science and Engineering. CLICK HERE to find out all the benefits of being a Corporate Member.

Renew your Membership

If you haven't already renewed for the current membership year, click the following link to easily renew through our secure payment system


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