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Type:  Presentation Event, Webinar, Workshop/Seminar | Date: 04 July 2024 4:30pm - 6:00pm AEST

VIC | TAS Branch - Future directions in materials research in Europe

In Europe & Australia, we are facing unprecedented changes driven by climate change and the required responses in terms of decarbonization and the circular economy and new energy sources, digitization’s and its impact across our lives – not least manufacturing and increased global competition combined with supply chain uncertainty. What challenges does this present to our materials community and how can we use current and developing technologies to make a major contribution to meeting these challenges and creating a greener, digital materials world. How can Australia learn from and collaborate with Europe.

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Type:  Presentation Event, Webinar, Workshop/Seminar | Date: 18 July 2024 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm AEST

SEAM Roadshow VIC | TAS Branch

Materials Australia Presents, the ARC SEAM Roadshow 

Surface Engineering: The Working Face for Industry 

Topics include SEAM's background, its professional model as well as case histories that document its successes interacting with industry.

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Type:  Presentation Event, Webinar, Workshop/Seminar | Date:

VIC | TAS Branch - Electrochemical molecular modeling: from Green's functions to hybrid QM/MM

Wondered what the fuss is about on virtual design of materials?  Can computational materials really replace experimentation? Hear an expert, question an expert 

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Type:  Presentation Event, Webinar | Date:

NSW Branch - CMatP Mini-Conference

Our NSW Branch held its popular CMatP Mini-Conference in September 2023.

If you are a CMatP, you can add to your CPD by watching this.

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Type:  Webinar | Date:

VIC | TAS Branch - Materials Modelling – Designing the future, technical and social challenges

Materials modelling is changing the way we design materials. It is discovery thousands of new materials, searching databases with 100,000’s of molecules and structures to virtually design the most “fit” material. In doing so it is enhancing the properties of traditional materials and discovering new ones with completely new or radically enhanced functions . What technical challenges and possibilities does this technology bring and what social implications will it have for our world. This forum will bring you 3 word leading experts in the field to present the technology and its social impacts and then discuss the possibility and risk with you – our materials community.

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Type:  Presentation Event, Webinar | Date:

Victoria | Tasmania Branch - Next Generation Material Forms – A revolution in design and fabrication

New metal fabrication techniques, most notably additive manufacturing, are enabling us to design new material forms. These certainly have significantly technological use but they also open new aesthetic, artistic and architectural possibilities. In this panel discussion you will hear from not only 3 experts but 3 practitioners and designers of these forms.

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